The Carl Navè Classic Business Suit is designed to fit and feel like the best suit you have ever owned.  The jacket is of a full canvas construction with soft, natural shoulders and an 8.5cm notch lapel.  The jacket is a Two and a Half Button, commonly known as the Tre Su Due in Italy.  The jackets has three buttons, but the lapel is designed to roll down to the second button and do up as though it was a two button jacket.  This exposes a lovely little button hole in the lapel roll and allows you to wearing it as three button in the cooler months if you so wish.  The jacket is always cut slightly wider at the shoulders,  and is pinched at the wait for a flattering and slim fit. The jacket falls over the hips and always covers the seat and crotch. Side vents are the preferred option at Carl Navè, which offer a more graceful drape than a single vent. This ensures that the jacket is not strained or wrinkled when you are seated. Pockets are simple with a flap pocket on each side of the jacket with a Barchetta (Boat) style breast pocket, a ticket pocket is also acceptable if the client so desires.  All sleeve button holes are functioning, four is the standard, and a lapel button holes are coupled with a boutonniere loop on the reverse.

The trousers are of a flat front finish, sometimes with a dart in front or pleated options are also available.  Belt loops are replaced with side buckles and adjusters for more relaxed fit.  A 'V' split is sewn into a canvas waistband to allow for ease of moments and to relieve any pressure on the waistband, affectionally known as the "after dinner split" by some Savile Row based tailors. Trousers are always lined to the knee and finished with a cuff or plainly depending on your preference. 

Cloth by Fratelli Lanificio Cerruti dal 1881.