So Festival of Steve has wrapped up for another year.  As part of my role of Vice President for the City Precinct, I also took on the massive feat of running this year’s festival with the support of an amazing sub committee made up of City Precinct members and volunteers.  I think we pulled it of.

It was a huge event featuring 28 City Precinct members under one roof at the Kelvin Club.

Our first ever official ambassador, Nova 100's Tommy Little, opened the day to over one hundred City of Melbourne VIPs, industry insiders and media. Tommy's interpretation of the Festival for the Modern Man had everyone in stitches and gob smacked at the same time, the man is an absolute legend and was paramount in assisting us raise funds for Beyondblue. A big thank you to Tommy!

Guests were treated to delicious breakfast canapés generously provided by Melbourne's only dessert bar Om Nom at the Adelphi Hotel whilst sipping away on Champagne Napoleon and the latest flavours by Rekorderlig.

The day kicked off at midday with famous Melbourne street artist Baby Guerrilla adding one of her renowned paste-ups to the lane way wall of Melbourne Place, providing onlookers with the first adaptation of Steve. All day long the crowd were heard murmuring, who is Steve? Where is this Steve? Little did they know, Steve was infinitely amongst the crowd, showing up as fashionistas, artists, musos, baristas, and enthusiasts of all kinds.

Throughout the festival, a number of forums took place hosted by Melbourne stylist Sally Mackinnon. The forums were designed to address some of the key issues that modern men face, with a series of experts speaking about fashion trends, mental health and wellbeing and even dating and social advice. A big thank you to the panel of experts for sharing their knowledge.

Downstairs, our good friends from Laphroaig whiskey, the Melbourne Gin Co. and Red Cow Cheese hosted a number of tastings and Temple Brewing Co sponsored a pool tournament hosted by snooker and pool champion Kelvin Small.

The Festival of Steve 2015 was a culmination of some of the finest niche businesses that reside within Melbourne's famed laneways, basements and verticals, showcased alongside some of the best food and beverage Melbourne has to offer along including artists, musicians and industry experts. Is there an better way to celebrate the modern man? I think not.