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Hand Tailored Suits Melbourne

Imagine the feeling as you slip into one of Carl Navè’s hand tailored suits. Imagine how luxurious it feels, and how well it’s tailored to your body...

Melbourne Tailored Suits

There are no issues with sleeves that are slightly too long, trousers legs that bunch up over your shoes, or a shoulder line that could have been made for an Australian footballer. There are just clean, smooth lines and a suit that fits you like a glove.

Tailor made suits for all occasions in Melbourne

If you’d like to experience first-hand why we have a reputation for providing some of the best tailored suits Melbourne has available, it’s time you booked an appointment with our custom suit tailor.

Whether you’re looking to buy custom tailored suits for your groomsmen or you simply think it’s time that you had one of the best tailor made suits Melbourne has on offer to complete your wardrobe, we can make the suit of your dreams.

The Highest Quality Tailor Made Suits in Melbourne

We employ some of the best suit tailors in the country, so when it comes to finding an exceptional suit tailor, Melbourne based Carl Navè is THE place to go. We not only have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest styles, but we’re experts in tailoring traditional high quality suits for all occasions.

Our attention to detail is second to none, which means that you’re going to come away with the kind of tailor made suit Melbourne style enthusiasts love.

Try the Carl Navè Individually Tailored Suit Experience in our Bourke Street Studio

Whether your idea of perfection is a wardrobe of sleek Italian tailored suits, or you want something a little more rugged that wouldn’t look out of place when you’re shooting grouse in the Highlands of Scotland, we’ll create the perfect tailor made suit for you.

When it comes to creating suits, Carl Navè has the experience and expertise to turn out beautifully tailored suits time and time again. In fact, once you’ve got one of our tailored suits, you’re likely to want more.

Italian Tailored Suits by Melbourne Suit Tailors

And it’s all down to our attention to detail and service, from the moment you set foot in our studio in Bourke Street for your initial consultation until the moment you walk out of our doors with a perfectly tailored suit.

We’re proud to have gained a reputation for providing the kind of tailored suit Melbourne men need to add panache to their wardrobe.

If you’re looking for something special to wear for an event in Melbourne, tailored suits specialists Carl Navè can provide just what you need.

Book your Initial Hand Made Suit Consultation with Carl Navè Now

All you have to do is book your initial consultation by calling 03 9972 3173 and let our experienced staff work their magic. From our fact finding initial meeting to our interim fittings, you’ll be amazed by the attention to detail you experience in the hands of our tailors.

Carl Navè, Melbourne's best tailor not only produces bespoke suits in Melbourne, but also summer suits, winter suits & wedding suits. Carl Navè, the Melbourne suit tailor, provides made-to-measure suits & traditional hand made suits.

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